Russia Bank Starts Offering Crypto Payments Despite Ban

• Blockchain Association files an amicus brief to support a CoinCenter case that defends the coin mixer Tornado Cash.
• The filing relates to a case initiated by CoinCenter in October 2022.
• The Blockchain Association stands with CoinCenter and supports the “responsible and lawful” use of blockchain technology.

Russia’s Rosbank Starts Offering Cross-Border Crypto Payments

Despite a nationwide ban, Rosbank, one of Russia’s largest banks, has started offering cross-border cryptocurrency payments. This move indicates that the bank is embracing the potential of digital assets for financial transactions.

Kakarot zkEVM Secures Backing from StarkWare & Vitalik Buterin

Kakarot zkEVM has secured backing from StarkWare and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in its pre-seed round of funding. Kakarot is building a privacy layer for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) which will enable developers to build privacy-preserving applications on EVM compatible networks such as Ethereum, Matic Network, and others.

China Publishes National Blockchain Standard

China has published its national blockchain standard to set up unified technical requirements for various types of distributed ledger technologies (DLT). According to reports, the standard covers topics like security requirements, system architecture design principles, network protocols and more.

Japanese Regulators Warn OpenAI Against Collecting Sensitive Data

Japanese regulators have warned OpenAI not to collect sensitive user data without explicit approval from users or their legal guardians during its latest AI research project in Japan. OpenAI had planned to collect data including medical records and biometric information from people living in Japan without their approval or consent but this move was blocked by regulators due to potential privacy risks posed by such activities.

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange Unveils Bitcoin & Ethereum Futures

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange announced that it will be launching Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading with up to 50x leverage and Ethereum (ETH) futures trading with up 20x leverage later this month on June 14th 2021 UTC time. With this launch, Coinbase will become one of the first US exchanges offering these products directly to retail customers in addition traditional crypto spot markets already available on Coinbase Pro platform .