PUSH Soars 41%: Push Protocol (EPNS) Launches on BNB Chain

– Push Protocol (EPNS) launched on BNB chain, causing PUSH token to jump by 41%
– The launch of PUSH on BNB Chain aims to expand its reach and appeal across different ecosystems
– Bitcoin is also surging, hitting a new year-to-date high of $24,314

Push Protocol Launches On BNB Chain

The blockchain messaging and communications protocol, Push Protocol (formerly EPNS,) launched on the BNB Chain on February 15th. This caused the PUSH token to surge by 41% over the past 24 hours and hit year-to-date highs. The goal of launching on BNB Chain is to „expand its reach and appeal across an ever-diverse list of ecosystems“ according to Harsh Rajat, project lead and founder of Push Protocol.

BNB Chain Partnership & Collaborations

BNB has seen a slew of partnership and collaboration announcements over the past month such as Uniswap deploying to the chain, Greenfield decentralized storage system being introduced and OpenSea added support for BNB Chain NFTs. Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain said: “The launch of Push Protocol on BNB Chain will bring a whole new level of accessibility to its easy-to-use communication interface powered by decentralized notifications and messaging.“

Bullish Market Sentiment

Bitcoin is undergoing some bullish market sentiment as it rose 10%, through $23,000, hitting a new year-to-date high at $24,314. While PUSH remains down 92.88% from its all time high, today’s move marks the highest price for PUSH since June 2022.

Push Protocol Goals

Push Protocol’s goal is to onboard one billion users into web3 with their easy to use communication interface that is powered by decentralized notifications and messaging. This will allow users access across multiple different ecosystems with ease which was not possible before this launch.


Overall this recent announcement from Push Protocol has been met with great success as it saw their token prices surge along with Bitcoin hitting new heights itself. With more collaborations coming up for BNB in 2021 it looks like there will be more opportunities for projects such as Push Protocol in the future as well.