Crypto Booms! BlackRock CEO Praises Bitcoin, Bitwage Halts USDC for US Residents

• CZ denies rumors of senior Binance executives resigning due to regulatory challenges.
• BlackRock CEO Larry Fink likens crypto to digitizing gold and praises Bitcoin as an international asset.
• Bitwage halts USDC payments for US residents, Valkyrie refiles spot-Bitcoin ETF application with Coinbase as surveillance partner and NEAR and Ethereum’s contrasting approaches to blockchain scalability.

Binance Executives Deny Regulatory Challenges Rumors

CZ, the founder of Binance, has denied the rumors that senior executives have resigned from the company due to ongoing regulatory challenges. This comes at a time when cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream world, with giant companies like BlackRock investing in them.

BlackRock CEO Praises Bitcoin as International Asset

In addition, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has also praised Bitcoin as an ‘international asset’ and likened it to ‘digitizing gold’. He believes that cryptocurrencies have a role to play in the future of finance and he is bullish on their prospects for growth.

Bitwage Halts USDC Payments For US Residents

Bitwage has also recently decided to halt USDC payments for US residents due to strict regulations related to the use of digital assets in this region. This move comes after Valkyrie filed its spot-Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application with Coinbase named as its surveillance partner.

NEAR And Ethereum’s Contrasting Approaches To Blockchain Scalability

Shards and Layer-2s are also being discussed in relation to NEAR and Ethereum’s contrasting approaches towards blockchain scalability. While both networks have different goals when it comes to scaling solutions, they are both working hard towards achieving their respective objectives in order to provide users with improved access speeds and security features on their respective platforms.

Riot Leverages Texas Power Strategy To Fund Operations As BTC Balance Increases

Finally, Riot Platforms Inc., a bitcoin mining firm, recently reported its June 2023 performance where it produced 460 Bitcoins while executing an effective power strategy. The firm sold 400 Bitcoins netting them proceeds worth $10 million which was used for funding operations while increasing its total Bitcoin balance by 1%.