Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: A New Epidemic

Since the 1930s, many people have found that they have a very high chance of getting lung cancer. This is a relatively new epidemic that has been caused by the immense amount of people that find themselves smoking cigarettes each day. With lung cancer, men are far more likely to get the disease than women. In fact, among all of the cancers of the world, this is the top cause of death among all men that get cancer. While many women will die of breast cancer every year, even more will die from lung cancer which is quite startling.


Lung cancer can have its probability decreased greatly by doing one simple thing – stop smoking. It is suggested that over 90 percent of all lung cancer diagnoses will occur because a person has used tobacco in the past. This means that if you put down the cigarettes, you will have cut down your chances of cancer greatly, but you will still have a higher chance of getting this cancer than a person that has never used tobacco. Many of the other cases are caused by second-hand smoking, but there are some people that simply develop this cancer void of anything tobacco related.


The normal route to diagnosis will be that a person is having many problems that relate to breathing. However, these early problems can differ drastically from person to person and will include a mix of:

• Coughing that will persist with no explanation.
• Wheezing that has developed without reason.
• Difficulty breathing and the development of shortness of breath.
• Chest pains that are unrelated to any other activity.
• Coughing which leads to the presence of blood.

With this, a person will be able to seek the attention of a doctor and will normally find that they are within the early stages of lung cancer. Now, however, those that have a more developed form of lung cancer may exhibit:

• Vision related problems in which a person will not be able to see clearly.
• Immense headaches in which it will be quite difficult for a person to concentrate.
• Seizures that develop abruptly and without rhyme or reason.
• Stroke like developments.

This would be the indicator that the cancer has spread throughout the body and has started to become very serious. With this said, over 25 percent of people that have been diagnosed will not exhibit any symptoms whatsoever.


When a person wants to be tested for cancer, they will need to visit a medical professional. Typically, they will choose to do an x-ray of the person’s chest to try and locate any abnormalities in the lungs. If something is amiss, a person will have to undergo further tests to ensure that a problem does exist.